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I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side, be an advocate for myself and others like me.

Maya Angelou

Advocacy services for mental health clients. 

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What does Patients' Rights Do?

The Office of Patients’ Rights Advocates has a mission to assure that people with mental health challenges receive quality treatment from facilities and providers of mental health treatment and, that providers and facilities act in compliance with the codes and regulations governing their treatment.

Whenever an individual is involuntarily detained in a hospital setting, California law affords specific legal protections and the availability of a knowledgeable advocate to speak on behalf of the detained consumer.  A Consumers Self-Help Patients' Rights advocate will present the expressed interests of the client in Certification Review hearings and various other legal procedures which may occur routinely or which are requested by the client. Whenever a client in the local system feels their rights are being infringed upon or even denied, that consumer can request review of the instance and a thorough investigation will be done. 

Patients' Rights upholds the law as identified in the Welfare and Institutions Code of Ca (WIC § 5530), and acts on behalf of a client's expressed interest. Advocates are a resource for the individuals they serve, their families/support systems, facilities, providers, and the community at large. Advocacy and education are provided with humility, empathy, and whole-person care, and the responsibility to assert each client's legal rights. 

Counties served by CSHC Advocates

  • Sacramento

  • Contra Costa

These programs are funded by Sacramento County and Contra Costa County

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Contra Costa

Did you know California has a Statewide Office of Patients Rights? To learn more, including about advocacy services in Counties not served by CSHC, visit:
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