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Wellness & Recovery Center - South


What can I expect when I come? 

First of all, we are VERY glad you've come to check us out. For your first visit, we will offer you a tour of the building, and show you everything we've got going on (there's more even than what we put on this website!). There's a simple form for you to fill out so we can get to know you. After that, you won't have any forms again! If you choose to connect with us, you'll become one of our valued Members. We have a simple set of Membership Expectations.... really, it just means we agree to respect one another on our journey toward wellness. 

How can you help me? 

We believe in the power of peer support, and in honoring choice in all we do. Our staff have "been there." Our members report feeling that WRC is a place to belong, to develop relationships, and build meaning and purpose. A safe place to grow and to heal. We can help connect you to resources, problem-solved difficult situations, and just let it be OK that you're having a tough day. We celebrate your successes! 

I don't like support groups. Are there other choices at WRC?

Absolutely! While many individuals find that connecting with their peers in groups is incredibly helpful, empowering, and promotes hope, we know that might not be right for everyone all the time. Sometimes you don't want to talk about what's going on in a group setting. That's OK! Our wise and experienced Wellness Mentors can meet one-on-one with you for Peer Counseling. We also have arts activities, writing groups, computer labs, and a quiet "serenity" room to get some respite from challenging thoughts or feelings.

What if I want to see a psychiatrist at WRC?

We can provide those services for individuals who have Medi-Cal and meet certain criteria mandated by the County. We provide "low intensity" clinical services, all based on the principle of hope, that Recovery is possible for everyone! Please call us for more information!

How do I get to WRC-North?

We are located at the corner of Mission and Engle in Carmichael. Bus Route 82 stops right here!

All your groups and activities are free! How do you get your funding?

Our services are provided under a contract funded through Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act, and the Sacramento County Department of Behavioral Health Services. We also have partnerships with other local organizations.

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