Groups Coming in July 2020

  • Mon 11am The Four Agreements

  • Tues 10am Living Life on Purpose

  • Tues 1:30pm Being the Best You Can Be

  • Wed 11am Wellness Check In

  • Thurs 11am Coping w/ Anxiety

  • Fri 1:30pm Wellness Check In

Groups will be offered on-line using the Zoom app.  You can do this from your computer or from a smart/android phone. 

Please call 916 890-3079 to sign up.

WRC-N Wellness Program

Groups Coming On-Line July 2020

Would you like to move ahead on your journey to wellness? ​Are you 18 or older?


Come join us! We'll show you around. There are many ways you can connect, and we'll tell you all about them.  

Unlike most programs, we have absolutely no restrictions. We do not ask for insurance. We don't ask your diagnosis - you don't need to have one. We are here for you as a person. 

Our Wellness Program (also called the "community" program), has been operating since 2007. Staffed by peer "Wellness Mentors," we are here to meet you where you're at, and connect with you on your journey of wellness and recovery. Absolutely free!

We offer MANY groups and activities. Some of our choices include:

  • Meditation

  • Coping with Anxiety

  • Depression Support

  • Art Expression

  • Hearing Voices

  • and many, many more! 

Check out our group calendars for the complete schedule. 

Need to talk? You can also meet one-on-one with a Wellness Mentor for Peer Counseling. 

We also have a computer lab, ping-pong, and we're adding more and more all the time! 

Wellness & Recovery Center - North

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