Wellness & Recovery Center - North

Wellness & Recovery Center - North

3637 Mission Avenue, Building B

Carmichael, CA 95608

(916) 485-4175

Mission Statement


To develop and implement Consumer driven programs and services based on the self help philosophy.


To provide culturally appropriate, and integrated co-occurring mental health and substance services and supports that assist participants in their strength-based process of wellness and recovery and that foster self-responsibility, and empowerment.

Vision & Philosophy


The vision of the program is based on the vision and guiding

Principles of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Section 7, 5813.5 (d):


Planning for services shall be consistent with the philosophy, principles, and practices of the Recovery Vision for mental health consumers:


(1) To promote concepts key to the recovery for individuals who have mental illness: hope, personal empowerment, respect, social connections, self responsibility, and self-determination.

(2) To promote consumer-operated services as a way to support recovery.

(3) To reflect the cultural, ethnic and racial diversity of mental health consumers.

(4) To plan for each consumer’s individual needs

Program Description


Sacramento County Wellness & Recovery (WRC) multi-service community center promotes the wellness and recovery of participants by fostering meaningful activities and community involvement of their choice.  The center is consumer/family member directed and operated.


With the goal to reduce the adverse consequences of serious mental health problems, the WRC provides inclusive, voluntary consumer driven, holistic approaches, attentive to mental health and drug/alcohol disorders that are culturally responsive to the beliefs, traditions, values and languages of the individuals and families served.


The guiding principles of the WRC are directed by effective services and supports implemented through the development and expansion of values-driven, evidence-based and promising practices, policies, approaches, processes and treatments which are sensitive and responsive to the client’s expressed culture and favorable outcomes.


Services are based on increasing resiliency, improving problem-solving, developing and/or maintaining positive and healthy relationships and creating opportunities to build or maintaining positive and healthy relationships and creating opportunities to build or maintain a meaningful life in the community.



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