Wellness & Recovery Center - SOUTH
7171 Bowling Drive, Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95823
(916) 394-9195
fax: (916) 392-2827

The center offers daytime group activities, outreach, self help, peer counseling and peer advocacy. The center is an active place and on any given day, the premises are busy with consumers socializing, participating in groups, and exercising their right to be a part of a community which values their presence and individuality.
Attendance is voluntary and free of charge. Program participants are referred to as members and this concept of membership is extended to all aspects of the running of the program. Members help plan Center activities and groups as well as serve on hiring committees and serve on the Board of Directors. It is the membership which contributes to the ongoing effectiveness of the program.

Along with daily activities, the program offers a point of daily contact for those individuals who are often isolated. Continued attendance and involvement allow these sometime vulnerable individuals the opportunity to become part of a viable community, to have a voice and to have a place to belong.

Shower Facilities, Laundry Facilities, Peer Support, Recreational Activities,
Social Activities